How much?

The usual compensation for the services consists of the agreed-on daily flat fee. In addition, all travel-related expenses are reimbursed, unless the project is done in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm or New York. Increasingly often, the travel-related expenses are also reimbursed on the basis of a daily flat fee so that there is no need to discuss individual expense bills.

The amount of the daily fee for the services provided corresponds to the market level. It can be cross-checked by taking the total cost of an employee in the same position, i.e. his annual total gross salary plus all additional direct costs for the employer, divided by the number of actually worked days per year (deduction made of holidays, vacation, illness, training etc.). An example for this calculation can be provided on request, by sending an email to

To determine the daily fee of an partner, the total cost of a comparable manager is increased by a certain percentage. This mark-up compensates his special experience and immediate availability (which normally means that he has an uncompensated pause since his previous project). The amount of the daily fee also depends on the length of the project: longer projects tend to have a lower daily fee than shorter ones.

The daily fees of partners are significantly lower than those of similarly qualified partners or experts of large consulting firms, due to the fact that has a lean structure and no unproductive overhead which would have to be recovered in a higher fee level.

There is a possibility to agree on a fixed price for the complete project if and when every aspect of the task and the work it requires can be clearly defined in advance.

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