Where, when, how long?

Most of the icima.net partners are based in France, some are in addition also working from Sweden, Germany and the United States of America. In the context of their projects, icima.net partners are ready to work for a limited period of time in most other countries and continents. The partners at icima.net typically speak at least two languages fluently and have a long and extensive international experience.

A project can often be started within a week, if the icima.net partner whose profile matches best with what is required is not tied up in another project.

Interim management and consulting projects typically last between 6 and 12 months and rarely less than 3 or more than 18 months. The minimum is 1 month, and the maximum 24 months, unless there is an open-ended ongoing co-operation (e.g. outsourcing, board membership or MBI participation).

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Senior Partners