Why icima.net?

There are seven good reasons for working with icima.net partners:

  1. Know-how and experience
    Due to the diversity of its partners’ profiles, icima.net offers an outstanding level of know-how and experience, reflecting the state of the art in the area of professional management. The know-how comes from an education at a top-rated business school like INSEAD, and the experience has been collected in long years of line positions in successful international corporations.
  2. Independence and objectivity
    The icima.net partners are and remain in their project work totally unprejudiced, impartial and uninfluenced by corporate politics and pressure, with regard to their analyses, conclusions, decisions and actions.
  3. Speed
    As long as there is some free capacity, an icima.net partner can start a new project immediately. The experience from a large number of previous projects allows him then to quickly identify the key questions, come to the conclusions and implement them.
  4. Internationality
    An icima.net partner has a clear competitive advantage in the area of international projects when the things which matter include language skills and knowledge of local business practices, mobility and acceptance in the local environment.
  5. Toolbox
    With in total more than 500 positions and projects, the icima.net partners dispose of a considerable amount of well proven solutions which they share amongst them. This serves not only as a basis for the fast development of a new tailor-made solution but also as a checklist to ensure that no aspect has been overlooked.
  6. Cost / benefit ratio
    Due to its organisation as a network, icima.net has a very lean structure, and its partners can offer their services at a price which is well below the level charged by the large consulting firms for similarly experienced partners and experts.
  7. Network
    The icima.net partners have a direct access to an impressive group of experienced managers and experts with very specific complementary skills which may be required from time to time.

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